Candle holders collection Looka

Candle holders collection ‘Looka’ /2014/

metal, powder coating; model for 4 candles ('Looka4') and 12 candles ('Looka12')

Coffee table Rumbi

Coffee table 'Rumbi' /2014/

metal, powder coating; model in 4 colors

Planter Tasha

Planter 'Tasha' /2014/

metal, powder coating, solid wood

Pendant light fixture Melba

Pendant light fixture 'Melba' /2014/

metal, powder coating; lightbulb base E27

Coffee table Stitch

Coffee table 'Stitch' /2014/

metal, powder coating; wood / MDF laminated

Planter for home plants Flo

Planter for home plants ‘Flo9’ & ‘Flo12’ /2015/

metal, powder coating, maple wood; models of 900 or 1200 мм length

About us

'RUDA' - a young Ukrainian design company which is engaged in developing and manufacturing furniture and lighting. Our company has emerged as a creative extension of scientific and technological production, which since 2003 specializes in producing equipment (and implementing it) for metal processing. Combining expertise of our professionals with progressive thinking of young designers, we create products to enjoy and be proud of.

'RUDA' loves people, bright colors, good humor and a modern minimalist aesthetics. We believe that good things should be available to everyone. Available to you.

Mass production

The aim of 'RUDA' - is the development and popularization of product design in ukrainian society. That is why we are primarily interested in mass production. Every design we are trying to improve for serial production, allowing you to use and enjoy quality items at a lower price, and making us sure that our products are carefully processed, the technology is perfected and production process is optimized as much as possible.

We believe in the competitiveness of domestic industrial products, and hope that through the introduction of new design approaches, technological and moral modernization and, as a result, the promotion of qualitative modern products, we promote a positive image of Ukrainian industry both domestically and abroad.

Individual projects and cooperation

'RUDA' is interest in cooperation. With its own production facilities and qualified personnel, 'RUDA' will help you realize your designs quickly and efficiently. Our experts provide guidance on design / wiring / technology issues, and our designers will help you in developing and supporting ideas into production.

In addition, 'RUDA' is actively engaged in development of new areas, continuous improvement of its own material-technical base and product line expansion. Therefore, we particularly welcome proposals for innovative approaches, materials or technologies. Let's get acquainted. Let's move forward together.


tel.: +38 067 391 95 11
tel.: +38 067 470 42 54